Gordo, Calvo y bajito.

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110 min.
Original language: Spanish. S.O.V. English.
Bogotá, Colombia

Synopsis: Antonio Farfan is a 46 year old man working in a Notary's office who has always believed that his personal and professional failure is the inevitable result of his looks: he is bald, short and fat. Though his mind is never silent, his life goes almost uneventfully until the new notary arrives: A dub, Balder and shorter man that, unlike Antonio, is successful and loved by others. Dazed and Confused, Antonio is now thrown out to the real world where he faces his own fears and ends up living pretty unexpected situations.


Directed by | Carlos Osuna
Assistant director | Andrés Beltrán 
Writing |  Carlos Osuna, Juan Mauricio Ruiz & Carlos Andrés Reyes (collaborating writer). 

Cast | 
Álvaro Bayona | Antonio Farfan
Fernardo Arévalo | Mr. Enríquez
Nicolás Montero | Andrés Vanegas
Jairo Camargo | Bernardo
Ernesto Benjumea | Gonzalez
Julio Medina | Don Pedro
Marcela Mar (Marcela Gardeazabal) | Nora
Florina Lemaitre | Helena
Sandra Reyes | Beatriz
Juan Manuel Combariza | Miguel Cubillos
Juan Diego Bernal | Raúl
Diego Cancino | Jairo
Mário Pardo | Sergio
Juan Felipe Ortiz | Eduardo
Elkin Díaz | Yovanny Celis
Juliana Hernandez | Being Foundation Receptionis
María Fernanda Gonzalez | Shy Woman at Being Foundation
Iván Forero | The Waiter
Ángela Galvis | The Waitress
Anuar Escaf  | Man at Hospital
Paula Estrada | Woman at Hospital
Andrés Beltrán | Man #3 at Lasker Chess Club
Juan Sebastián Camelo |  Man #1 at Lasker Chess Club 
Jorge Peña Miranda |  Man #4 at Lasker Chess Club
Juan Mauricio Ruiz | Bernardo's Chess Rival 
Nicolás Vásquez | Man #2 at Lasker Chess Club
Jeison Castillo: Worker 
Lina Espitia | Woman #1 at the Party 

Produced by | 
Francisco de Castro | executive producer
Dean English | executive producer
Thierry Lenouvel | co-producer
Carlos Osuna | executive producer 
Karen Powell | executive producer 
Juan Mauricio Ruiz | Production Manager

Producer Department |
Jorge Peña | production assistant
Paola Martinez | production assistant
Michelle Godoy | production staff
Manuel Orozco | production staff 
María Clara Sarmiento | production staff 
Nicolás Vasquéz | production staff 

Original Music by |  Leonardo Bohórquez, Alejandro Quintero

Cinematography by  | Yomayra Puentes, Guillermo Santos
Cinematography assistant  | Oscar Filigrana, Juan Sebastián Camelo 

Film Editing by | Carlos Osuna

Casting by | Carlos Osuna, Juan Mauricio Ruiz

Art Direction by | Marcela Rodriguez 

Art Department |
Azael Valderrama  | assistant art director
Lorena Gonzalez  | assistant art director
Silvana Callegari  | set dresser 
Jeison Castillo  | set dresser 
Lina Marcela Espitia  | set dresser 
Fiorella Ferroni  | set dresser
Natalia Londoño  | set dresser 
Daniela Olave  | set dresser
Ginna Plazas | set dresser 
Laura Sanchéz | set dresser
Bertha Rivera | wardrobe 

Sound Department |
Diego Castillo | sound recordist 
Diego Gomez | sound recordist 
Andrés Martinez | sound mixer 
Juan Quintero Martinez | boom operator 
Jean-Guy Véran |  foley recordist & sound re-recording mixer 

Camera | Guillermo Santos
Camera assistant  | Oscar Filigrana, Juan Sebastián Camelo 

Animation Department |
Adriana Ramirez | animation corrections & drawing animator 
Wayra Cifuentes |  animation corrections & coloring
Carlos Osuna | background designer, character designer & drawings 
Sebastián Correal |  drawings
Oscar Orjuela | drawings 
José Andrés Romero |  drawings
Laura Muñoz |  background artist 
Paola Guzmán |  background artist
Raúl Torres |  background artist 
Claudio Iriarte |  coloring
Paola Martinez |  coloring 
Carolina Plata |  coloring
Camilo Rojas |  coloring
Fabian Garcia |  colorist
Carlos Osuna |  color timer 

Editorial Department |
Jorge Andrade  | still photographer
Oscar Filigrana  | digital imaging 

Transportation |  La Turquesa


2013. Festival de San Sebastián 61. ANIMATOPIA. New paths of Animation Cinema. Screening.

2013. Animafest. Zagreb. World panorama. In competition

2013. Anifilm. International Festival of Animated Films. Czech Republic. Official Selection. In competition


2012. 17th Shanghai International Film Festival

2012. International Festival of Cartagena de Indias (FICCI). Screening

2012. Global Lens. Nueva York. Screening

2011. Amiens Film Festival. Official Selection. In competition

2011. The International Film Festival of India (IFFI). Animation section. Screening

2011. Mały, gruby, łysy. Warsaw Film Festival.
Mention of honour inside the Free Spirit competition (the category of the riskiest movies of the festival)


2011. Chicago Film Festival. World Cinema Program. Out of competition

2011. Biarritz Film Festival. Selection Avant Premiere. Out of competition


2011. Digital Art Winner (10.000 U.S. dollars on colour correction services) under Guadalajara Construye 5.

2011. Winner of the prize Fix Comunicación (10.000 U.S dollars in services for the accomplishment of a cinematographic trailer) in the frame of Guadalajara Construye 5.

2011. Winner of the stimulus for completion of the Fonds Sud Cinema films.

2010. Invited to participate in the market for Annecy Film Festival.

2010. Selected to take part in the Producers Network of the Festival of Cinema of Cannes.

2010. Voted best feature film project at the V Meeting of Producers in Cartagena Film Festival.

2009. Winner of the Feature Film Production for Completion in Fondo para el Desarrollo Cinematográfico of Colombia.

2008. Selected to take part in Cinema in Development as part of Cinema in Construction, an initiative of the Toulouse Film Festival and Film Festival San Sebastián.