Under the Microscope

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Intervention appropriation
in situ

The Pontifical Xavierian University in Bogotá – Colombia is one of the few universities that has as open campus that can be reached by anyone. Building 52, better known as the Faculty of Science, has a glass display case on each floor that serves as exhibition space, regularly showing instrumental objects related to physics, chemistry or biology.

Taking advantage of the familiarity that these people who pass through there every day have with the windows and seeing the kind of people they are −teachers, students, staff and security− the intervention under the microscope is a work that was designed to be shown in one of those display cases, altering the normal visual routines, removing layers of paint, plaster and cement to reveal the interior of the wall and therefore the building, and allow passersby to contemplate building’s insides like they usually do in their own areas, in class or at work.

The aim of the intervention was to allow the audience a “framed view” the interior of a structure in which they live most of the time and consider the relationships that we created with space and how we get closer to understand and manipulate and how is the same scheme we us e to address how we understand our surroundings and life.