Pruebas de Supervivencia

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9.7 min.
HDD - Sonido 5.1

Synopsis: A man receives an audio tape as a life proof from his wife that has been kidnapped. When he listens the tape the couple achieves to communicate through a prayer they used to evoke together.

Participation in 'Humanity Explored festival' -India, in competition 2009.

Directed by | Carlos Osuna
Assistant director | Carlos Reyes
Produced by | Cigarra, Cambio de Ojos & Juan Mauricio Ruiz
Writing | Carlos Osuna, Juan Mauricio Ruiz
Cinematography by | Yomayra Puentes
Camera | Leonardo González
Art Department | María Alejandra Cuello
Direct sound and mixing | Alejandro Quintero
Cast | Juan Diego Bernal y Daniel Sarmiento