Time, Space & Power

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in situ

The SED Bezirksparteischule* in Erfurt, Germany is for me a building frozen in a particular moment of history - the GDR time.
Walking in the building, the space evokes in me a game of chess. The intervention took place in the long corridor on the right side as soon as you enter the building. The installation consisted of an ambient arrangement of two chairs, one is still directed to the table, the other indicates that the occupant has left the game.


One chess clock still running for Whites sits upon the table, and ceases for the Blacks an unfinished game of chess, where only the pawns are present on the board.

In chess, some plays or games have a special name. Time, Space & Power is one of those names, named by Henrik Danielsen, the‪ game was played in 1964 in Amsterdam between the Russian Mikhail Tal against the Bulgarian Georgi Petrov Tringov and I chose this name because it fits perfectly with the history of this building.

The intervention also invited the spectator to be there one minute in silence in order to hear the chess-clock and synchronize or stop partially their “times” like that of the building.

Special thanks to Mr. Daniel Wanzek the director and organizer of the chess tournament in Erfurt 2012.