Alphabet der Vier Elemente

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in situ

Alphabet der Vier Elemente / Alphabet of Four Elements is a permanent interactive installation, inspired and created in the frame of the workshop: Fahrradnixen- LandArt of Ilmtal-Radweg at Kromsdorf-Germany

The Ilmtal-Radweg is the most popular cycle route in Thuringia and 4-star quality cycling route. The path of the route is near to the Ilm river that creates the perfect scenario to combine nature and cycling.
The frame of the workshop was precisely explore this relation. Cycling and mermaids were called.

In order to enable the communication between humans and mermaids and also the other elements around, I used the Alphabet of the Magi invented in the 16th century by Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim (also known as Paracelsus). He used it in his time to engrave the names of angels on talismans which he claimed could treat illnesses and provide protection.

This interactive sculpture allows visitors to write little messages (with the letters mounted in the bicycle wheels) that later others can decode and read and also leave new messages, providing the possibility to continuous communication.


Photo taken by Kreuzbube in April 2016 as part as his journey:

 More info about his endless tour in Artfahren Gunter Bubi!